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About Utility Cost Management (UCM)

Utility Cost Management Limited (UCM) operates under the supervision of its Managing Director Imran Samani. Imran worked in various positions at East Midlands Electricity, Powergen and Eon where he was praised for his Quality Account Management with complex accounts such as Nuffield Hospitals etc.

With the vast corporate experience of over 15 years built with the Energy companies and over 18 years of experience operating Utility Cost Management, our firm has the leadership and knowledge to stand out from the rest. We all know that ‘words can be easy’ thus we ask that you put us to the test and see the results for yourself.

How We Help Clients To Save Money and Time

Meter Checks /Bill Checking Service & Free Key Reminders and Portal To Come Soon

As part of our brokerage service, we provide excellent after care service to ensure that you are getting excellent value. We will serve advance notices free of charge so our clients are not trapped into roll over contracts etc. Our clients’ partner being an oracle specialist is assisting with a portal that our clients will be able to use to monitor things themselves where necessary such as half hourly statistics, bills etc to provide that competitor edge and delight our clients even more.