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Bring Smiles To Lives 33% Profits To Needy and Vulnerable

Imran has seen high times and low times himself and knows what it feels like being homeless and ill. His passion to help Orphans and Homeless people is the driving force and makes him a ‘workaholic’ working smart rather than hard to squeeze as much profit as possible from the Business Pitch in an ethical way at all times.

Our mission is, People before Profit. Our objective is to be in a position where we can drive a significant amount of profit to the vulnerable in society. By using our services and products you not only help yourselves but YOU help others and help make the world a better and fairer place. We are very keen to help the Homeless of Great Britain recover from their health issues and employment issues. We will use our expertise in helping them obtain accommodation and employment and hopefully bring smiles on their faces and help them reach their potential.

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